suspended thoughts

The child was watching the plumber’s magic bag, from which the more mysterious objects had come out. idra.jpg
“Go to play with your friends! Don’t you see that he’ is working? How does he make a good job if you are a
lways behind his shoulders and continue to make questions? Right on, go!”
“Only five minute, mother”.
” Well, five minute and then you exit”.
Passed the time, the child wore the shoes but before to go out he said:
” He will come back tomorrow, isn’he?”
“Yes, tomorrow he come back and will see you the other keys”.
In courtyard he joined to the game that other children were making.
“You are early today, what happen?” asked a friend.

“Is arrived a plumber and mother does not want that I boring him”.
“Still? But how many times the plumber come to yours house? ”
“Mother says that our house is old. A day the tube of the bath is broken off, one day for the leaking tap, then the washing machine… but I don’t understand because my mother always calls a different plumber. And they all have the same bag, the identical one, with the same formidable keys and white rubber gaskets”.
He remained a moment with the suspended thoughts and then he went to play.


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